26 December 2011 @ 10:48 pm
The LJ Exodus...  
So what with LJ's release 88 being a steaming pile of poo, my fandoms and flist being all but dead, and DW having open sign-ups until the end of the year... I've decided (like thousands of other LJers) to move to DW. I don't know how much I'll post here (I don't post in LJ all that much tbh), and I'll stick with LJ for the time being, but... well. LJ has been pretty shitty lately (DDOS attacks, [livejournal.com profile] igrick being a dick, ignoring their userbase) and release 88 and LJ's attitude to critisism has finally pushed me to move.

I'm kind of annnoyed because my paid time on LJ just updated a month ago for the entire year -.- Cancelling autopayments, anyhow. If I get along better with DW I may get a paid account here (I miss my icon space!)