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2011-12-26 10:48 pm

The LJ Exodus...

So what with LJ's release 88 being a steaming pile of poo, my fandoms and flist being all but dead, and DW having open sign-ups until the end of the year... I've decided (like thousands of other LJers) to move to DW. I don't know how much I'll post here (I don't post in LJ all that much tbh), and I'll stick with LJ for the time being, but... well. LJ has been pretty shitty lately (DDOS attacks, [ profile] igrick being a dick, ignoring their userbase) and release 88 and LJ's attitude to critisism has finally pushed me to move.

I'm kind of annnoyed because my paid time on LJ just updated a month ago for the entire year -.- Cancelling autopayments, anyhow. If I get along better with DW I may get a paid account here (I miss my icon space!)
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2011-12-16 12:00 am

dark_fest Comment Fic!! :D

The first dark_fest comment fic meme is here!

So excited!! I love [ profile] dark_fest :). Please prompt, fill, and promote! Also, what do you all think of the banners? I haven't done any graphics in absolutely ages, so thought it'd be fun to have a play on PSP again!
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2011-11-16 09:09 pm

Overdue update is overdue. And random.

So I haven't been on LJ for about 6 months... sorry about that guys! Although looking a my flist, it seems a lot of others have stopped posting too. Sad times.
Update & Dr. Horrible motivational poster under the cut! )
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2011-05-27 11:20 pm
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Summer Burn 2011

Sign-ups for Summer Burn 2011 have opened!!

Basically: You sign up for Summer Burn and create two CDs of music you enjoy listening to in the summer. You get sent two addresses of two other people who have signed up and send them your CDs. In return, they send you their CDs. It is awesome :D One of the CDs I got last year was really good, and the other was pretty cool too :D It's a great way to get introduced to music you might not have heard otherwise, and people all around the world do it :)

Sign up. You know you want to...
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2011-05-14 08:44 pm
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Spoilers for Doctor Who S06/E04

So this episode was all kinds of awesome :D The series so far has been amazing.

Spoilers abound! )
Ahem, I think that's all the squeeing over? :D

Oh, also I've ordered an extremely cheap graphics tablet off eBay. I can't draw for toffee, but apparently it makes life easier when erasing parts of an image, and I should be able to make myself some textures too :)

Also (and I know I keep saying this) I really need an Eleven icon.
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2011-04-14 09:20 pm

60 Firefly & Serenity Icons

Phew, this is a huuuge post that I've been working, on and off, for about two months.


 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

[60] Firefly and Serenity icons - mainly River, but also a few text and other characters.

Also, I can kill you with my brain )


Feel free to use, credit is wonderful but not required :)

Oh, I also made a Serenity brush (as seen in 03, 04 and 46) - if anyone wants it I can upload it.

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2011-04-10 09:23 pm
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So I'm not sure how many icon makers I have on my flist, but I kind of fancied making a tutorial - would anyone be interested?
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2011-03-23 10:19 pm

Fic Rec - Upstream

Title: Upstream
Author: [ profile] prochytes
Fandom: Doctor Who/Firefly
Rating: PG-13. Angst; dark themes; mind screw; (non-graphic) violence
Characters/Pairing: Eleven (DW); River Tam (Firefly)
Word Count: 2051
A/N: Small spoilers for Firefly, down to and including Serenity

Why I like love it: It's absolutely amazing. Without spoiling it, the plot is the Doctor coming to visit River while she's in the Academy. It's told in reverse - River is remembering the future, and the Doctor is travelling back in time to find out why. Eleven and River's voices are spot on. It's one of those fics you keep reading and rereading - it's only by the second time through that you notice all of the little clues woven throughout the fic. A must-read.
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2011-03-19 08:37 pm
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Doctor Who - Red Nose Day 2011

Have you guys seen this??

Cut for spoilers, just in case... )

Also why don't I have an Amy icon? :O
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2011-03-13 11:47 pm

Resources Post

This is my resource post for any textures, brushes etc. that I use in my icon/graphics making. I'll add to it as I go. Also please check out the awesome graphic makers in this post, their work is amazing.


[ profile] lookslikerain @ [ profile] soaked
[ profile] shadedcolor
[ profile] fauxism (
[ profile] tiger_tyger @ [ profile] tiger_tutorials
[ profile] yunhe
[ profile] erniemay
[ profile] abakkus
[ profile] ellaangelus
[ profile] viciousgurl
[ profile] darinkabranco @ [ profile] bttrfly_kiss
[ profile] innocent_lexys @ [ profile] infinite_muse
[ profile] ohfreckle @ [ profile] ownthesunshine/[ profile] coffeeforcloser
[ profile] graphicquandary
[ profile] light_ofmy_life @ [ profile] silk_roads
[ profile] omaeri @ [ profile] loveluu
[ profile] greyxx @ [ profile] loveluu
[ profile] emonet25 @ [ profile] grafixed_art
[ profile] trapne


[ profile] ohfreckle @ [ profile] ownthesunshine/[ profile] coffeeforcloser
[ profile] graphicquandary
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2011-03-06 04:36 pm

Dark Fest... issues >:(

So, you guys know how I was super-stoked for [ profile] dark_fest, kept spamming posting about it, and wanted to write for pretty much every prompt ever?

Yeah... I haven't written a single word. *shamefaced*

To be honest, uni has been killing me right now, I've been pretty much behind all term and haven't really had any free time, and whenever I have had free time I've felt guilty about not working, so I've not been able to set aside any writing time :( Throw in some depression and yeah. No fic.

Anyway, I only have two weeks of term left and then I break up for 6 weeks :D The last two weeks I'm spending lambing, but the rest of that time is free! I do have work to do - catching up on the work I missed, going over the ISF oral questions and revising this term and last terms stuff - so my plan is, do 3 hours of work every morning, and then spend the afternoon doing whatever I like, ie. write fic and play Assassins Creed :D That way I'll be productive but still feel like I'm having a holiday :D
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2011-02-03 04:31 pm

Dark Fest prompts (finally) claimed!

Moar [info]dark_fest stuff...
  • Any fandom, any male pairing, he loves to see the big tough guy afraid.
  • Dollhouse/Firefly, River/Simon, River's just a doll so it's okay.
Okay. I think I'm going to do these two. Even though the second one will kill me timeline wise. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, ANONYMOUS PROMPTER :P lol. Also, [info]smthwallflower, up for being my writing buddy/beta again?? :D <3

Also, and this has nothing to do with anything, I'm listening to the radio atm and one of them said that they overheard this girl on a train saying she was going to break up with a guy because his neck was too long. Apparently he wore a scarf on the first date so she didn't know. I am literally crying with laughter right now.

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2011-01-30 11:34 am

Dark Fest 2011 - Prompt Claiming

Prompt claiming is now open!!!! :D I AM SO EXCITED. Having such a hard time choosing which prompts to pick though...

At the moment I'm going between:
  • Any fandom, any characters, I just made you up to hurt myself. [Billy/Dr. Horrible mindfuck. I nearly wrote this last year...]
  • Any fandom, any male pairing, he loves to see the big tough guy afraid. [Horrible/Hammer]
  • Dr. Horrible, post blog, one-sided Dr. Horrible/Penny, he couldn't let her stay dead. [I prompted this, lol. But still, wanna write it... Or someone else to write it *hint hint*]
  • Dr. Horrible, post blog, You people all have to learn/This world is going to burn. The ELE plans for future world domination. Dr. Horrible doesn't plan for the world to have any future at all. [Prompted this too, lol. Why does post-blog Dr. Horrible lend himself so well to dark fics??]
  • Dr. Horribles SAB, Penny (as a ghost), Haunting Billy and slowly driving him insane. [Actually didn't prompt this one! I quite like this idea...]
  • Dollhouse/Firefly, River/Simon, River's just a doll so it's okay. [Yes, I ship it. Shh. And I know this will cause havoc with the timelines BUT SOMEHOW I REALLY WANT TO DO IT. Damn you, prompter.]
  • Firefly, River/Simon, he never could say no to her. [Haha, I actually prompted this. But I love me some fucked-up River/Simon...]
This is so hard lol. At the moment I'm leaning towards the ones I didn't prompt, but idk. HELP FLIST!

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2011-01-22 05:34 pm


Eeeeeeee, my fic Not As It Seems has been recorded on Strangely Literal!!!!!!!!!!11111 Annnnd apparently rather than just do a little bit of the fic (usually they do 1500 words) they're going to do the whole fic in three seperate parts!!! OMG YOU GUYS I AM SO EXCITED!!

This must be how published authors feel when their books are recorded as audiobooks!! lol

:D :D :D
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2011-01-22 03:51 pm
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Why Men Are Dicks, And People Who Think There's No Longer A Need For The Feminist Movement Are Wrong

Last night I went out with some friends. It was a good night.

Unfortunately, they live in halls in Kentish Town, and I live near Caledonian Road, so we had to get different night buses home. I don't mind getting the night bus by myself - I mean, it's not my favorite thing in the world, but plenty of people on it at that time and I was sitting near the driver so I felt quite safe. Plus they have CCTV on the buses in London.

Cut for possible rape triggers )
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2011-01-19 09:19 am

Dark fest prompts are open!!

Guys! [ profile] dark_fest prompts are now open!!! Go!

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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2011-01-18 10:30 pm

Dark Fest

So I made a few banners for [ profile] dark_fest:



Feel free to repost and pimp out the fest :D
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2011-01-16 12:51 pm

20 My Chemical Romance - Danger Days Icons

So I tried to post this yesterday, but LJ was being a cock and ate all my formatting. LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN.

[20] My Chemical Romance Icons (Text and Na Na Na video)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

It's time to do it now and do it loud! Killjoys, make some noise! )

As usual, feel free to use, credit is lovely but absolutely not required :)
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2011-01-15 06:57 pm

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Oh LJ, why are you being such a cock?

It's not like I just spent 20 minutes formatting that post for fun, you know. But no, you go ahead and eat all the formatting.