08 August 2010 @ 10:42 pm
Sherlock. And Buffy. Random mix is random, but spoiler-free.  


How can they end it like this??? ARG BBC I NEED ANOTHER SEASON NOW OR I WILL DIE. sdajkfhaklfhasdkhfdasklfhdskal!!

I'll make a more detailed review of the series later (probably tomorrow). What I find interesting is how much I enjoyed the show, given that I'm a bit of a Holmes purist (I refuse point blank to see the recent film). I think they got it absolutely spot on, and I love all the little references to the book canon. Moffet and Gatiss certainly know their Sherlock :)

In other news, I bought Buffy season 1 before I went on holiday and today I started watching it. I don't think I've seen the first season before (I certainly don't remember any of the episodes), but I'm really enjoying it. It's very '90s, lol, but I love it all the same. Also, Willow <3 Interesting side note, when I used to watch Buffy (when I was about twelve), I think I had a little proto-lesbian crush on Willow, way before I realised I was gay. Aww, bless. Lol.
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